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Manduka’s grippiest Mat, the GPR Adapt. Versatile enough to go from slower flows to your sweatiest sessions, more forgiving to help you into poses easier, and light enough to travel from place to place. Meet your new to - go

Price is excluding delivery charges.

Manduka GRP ADAPT 5mm Mat 71”

RM539.00 Regular Price
RM485.10Sale Price
  • Use Manduka’s Yoga Mat Wash and Refresh to condition, clean and prevent buildup on the surface of your mat, while maximising the performance and lifetime of your mat.

    Wet a clean cloth with water and squeeze out excess water. Pump foam onto damp cloth, apply pressure and wipe down surface of your mat. Use between two to four pumps of restorative solution for each application. Repeat this process until entire May surface is complete.

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