Founder -- Fly -- Yin -- Hatha -- Vinyasa Yoga

An entrepreneur and fitness enthusiast, Wadie started her Yoga journey in 2014. Turning to Yoga to improve her scoliosis, she gained great results and found a passion for Yoga. She continued her practice and further received her teaching certification with an RYT200 (iSpirit Asia, 2016) and Aerial RYT50 (Ulu Yoga, 2019). Wadie is also a certified pole instructor, with certification from Ecole De Pole (Phuket, 2018). 

Wadie believes 'consistency is key' in everything that you do, whether it is your work, studies, and life as a whole. Passion and self-love is something that Wadie sees necessary in our lives.

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Power -- Hatha Yoga

Nana found yoga in Sydney, Australia, 12 years ago and had first thought it too challenging as she felt a restlessness in the still poses, while her mind wandered around. With practice, Nana overcame the challenge and was able to feel peace in stillness. She saw how yoga not only changed her body, but taught her to get to know her own self, and also to communicate with herself. "Just like how you need to learn how to communicate with a partner, you need to do that with yourself first!" 

With the first-hand experience on how yoga can change one's life, Nana decided to share her passion and make an impact on those who seek change. 



  • Mayi RYT200 (2018)

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Hatha -- Vinyasa Yoga

Marina Markon is a former business development manager in a training company, who quit her 9-5 job to fully pursue her passion for yoga. Since then, she has continued sharing her practice and knowledge with new students and season practitioners too. Her style is a combination of Hatha and vinyasa flow. If you like strong sweaty flow (and of course, it's beginner-friendly) to increase your strength and slow for a deep stretch, her class is for you.


Marina encourages everyone to try yoga and seeks to help others thrive in life by nurturing body, mind, and soul with yoga.



  • Mayi RYT200 Yoga Bhawana Nation (India, 2017)

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Power Yoga -- Pilates

"Our body is built for motion, not stillness. However, Yoga offers us the opposite to create balance in our daily life. You will learn your body through breath and stillness in yoga poses."


Eddy has always been a fitness enthusiast, from weights to yoga, he found yoga allows him to reach his full potential by understanding his body. However, Eddy realised that many in the fitness community are afraid of yoga because they're too 'stiff' to practice, in which he decided to take the TTC to educate the community the importance of mobility and flexibility when it comes to fitness. 

As a weight lifter himself, Eddy's classes are suitable for body builders, cross-fitters, beginners and seasoned practitioners. Join in to learn the anatomy of poses, grasp the true sensation within poses and see your body progress from time to time.



  • RYT200 Fitness First (2014)

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Hatha -- Vinyasa Yoga 

Graduated in Law and practiced in the corporate world, Intan started her practice in yoga back in 2012, and has built a career for herself in it since 2017. Now a teacher in Vinyasa and Hatha yoga, Intan has organized the Let Love Grow event in 2019, and coordinated yoga workshops for international yogis such as Laruga Glaser, Anna Sugarman, George Anthony of Vikasa and Brian Miller, during their visit to Malaysia. 

Intan has also a strong passion for photography, as she captures still moments of a face-pacing life. She believes that yoga is a life long journey as a student and as a teacher too. For consistency in practice will build up strength and flexibility, with every challenge unlocking your true potential in time. 



  • Mayi RYT200 (2017)

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Ashtanga - Yin Yoga

Her yoga journey started back in 2015 through a chanced encounter. Shakira learned and gained more knowledge on the goodness of yoga by taking teachers-training courses. Teaching yoga grew naturally on her and finally Shakira became a certified yoga teacher in hatha, ashtanga and yin.

Being a true believer on the power of yoga that connects our mind, body and breath, one can push him/herself to the greatest limits. Shakira believes that the world will be a blooming place when more people practice yoga, on and off the mat.



  • RYT200 - hour from Rishikesh, India (2018)
    RYT70 - hour yin Pure Yoga Hong Kong (2019)

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Kids Yoga 

Yuzmin carries out our Kids' Yoga classes here at Nadi Tenang. Along with a passion for yoga, Yuzmin comes from a background of childhood development and teaching. With two strong passions, she decided to combine them both and has seen how teaching yoga to children assist in their development, helping them reach their full potential. A mom to her own tiny yogi, Yuzmin has taught at schools, conducted workshops, and carried out private classes, so look out for her Kids' Yoga classes at Nadi Tenang.

Expect her classes to be filled with crafts, toys and holistic fun! Let your kids experience the balance of body, mind and soul.



  • Rainbow Kids Yoga; Yoga Kids And Family Teacher Training (2018)

  • Divine Light Yoga; RCYT 95-hours Children’s Yoga Teacher Training (2020)

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Kickboxing -- Jab Cross Kids -- Yoga Teacher Trainee

Odam stumbled upon his journey as a fitness professional as he was looking for opportunities to fill up his time after his SPM. As he always enjoyed fitness, he started working part-time at a gym, and progressively worked his way up into training more and more clients. After two years of training, Odam finally became a master trainer and used his platform to assist his clients, focusing on Fat Loss, Muscle Gain, and exercises that are specialized for Spinal Injuries. 

Now a certified trainer, Odam teaches the Kids' Muay Thai classes at Nadi Tenang. Expect a highly functional and high energy class!



  • Functional MMA Course (2014)

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Cardio Yoga - Rocket


Certified trainer, Jazz teaches Cardio Flow at Nadi Tenang. Expect a highly functional and high energy class!



  • UTL and YTT

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