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The Begin Mat is a lightweight mat with good cushioning. The soft and flexible material is very comfortable and the generous thickness ensures a good insulation layer between you and the cold floor. Because this mat is thicker, it is also very suitable for people with painful or sensitive joints.

This mat is made of TPE, an environmentally friendly and recyclable plastic that is very lightweight and grippy to the touch. The top layer of the mat has a rough texture and this offers good grip, even with perspiration. The surface of this mat has closed cells, so that perspiration and dirt can not penetrate into your mat. As a result, the mat stays nice and fresh for a long time.

The mat is reversible and has a center line that helps with the correct positioning. This is useful for beginners, to be sure that they standing straight, but also for experienced yogis this remains a useful tool.Because this mat is made of super lightweight material, this mat is also very suitable as a travel mat! The mat weighs 1kg and is therefore very portable. Unlike many travel mats, the


100% TPE

TPE is a synthetic rubber. This material is produced in an environmentally friendly way and is very easy to recycle. In addition, they are completely free of latex, glue, and other toxic substances and can therefore also be used by people with a latex hypersensitivity or allergy. 
TPE is a good alternative to natural rubber because it is completely latex-free and does not have that characteristic rubber smell, but offers comfort and durability comparable to a rubber mat.

Price is excluding delivery charges.

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Manduka Begin Mat 5mm 68'' - Lavender Fig

RM329.00 Regular Price
RM296.10Sale Price
  • Begin mat is a regular thickness and offers better cushioning for your joints.

    Size: 68" x 24" (172cm x 61cm) - 2.5lbs (1.1kg)


    • Good grip
    • Lightweight
    • Center line for good positioning
    • Surface with closed cells prevents sweat from seeping into the mat

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