Studio Guidelines & SOPs


With the concerns and situations of uncertainty that Covid-19 has brought onto us this year, guidelines and SOPs must be put in place to make sure that our studio remains a safe space for the benefit of our members, staff and community.


  • We will be implementing social distancing practices at our studio, which will mean limited spots for our classes! All classes are to be booked in advanced online, through our website.

  • Our cancellation policy calls for at least 12 hours notice.

  • We encourage all our members to bring their own yoga mats and accessories.



  • All individuals entering the studio must check-in to our location through MySejahtera.

  • All individuals will go through mandatory temperature checks. Those with temperatures 37.5°C and above will not be allowed into the studio.

  • Masks must be worn at all times inside the studio, except during practices. You will not be permitted to enter the studio without a mask.

  • All individuals present at the studio must practice social distancing of at least 1 meter at all times in the studio.

  • Kindly adhere to all floor or traffic markers placed in studio.

  • We're excited to meet everyone at the studio, but let's try our best to avoid any physical greetings.


  • Rooms will be sanitized before or after classes. Classes have at least 1 hour between them to carry out sanitization.

  • Common areas (registration area, lockers, toilets) are sanitized regularly throughout the day.

  • Nadi Tenang's Sanitization Station provides all the necessary products (sanitizers, disinfectant, mat sprays, etc.) for you to sanitize you and your equipment.


Before Class:

  • Do come in 15 minutes early to give ample time for you to check-in and ready up for your next class.

  • Once you've gone through check-in and temperature checks, please be mindful of the social distancing measures(as listed above).

  • Please avoid loitering in our common areas. Once you have checked-in and placed your belongings in the lockers, please head straight to your class.

  • If you are sending your child to class, you are allowed 5 minutes in the lounge area to settle your child for class. Parents are not to wait for children inside the studio lounge.

  • If you are are using any of the studio's equipment, please sanitize them once you have retrieved from storage.

During Class:

  • We will not accept entries 15 minutes after class has started.

  • Every class will only have 10 participants maximum to maintain social distancing measures.

  • Please maintain social distancing measures as listed above. Individual mat markers have been placed for you to use as guides to place your yoga mats or yoga towels.

  • No distractions in class! Phones are allowed in class, but silent and no vibrations. No photos or video recordings during class. A 15 minute buffer time will be given after class for you to take pictures.

  • Stay connected with your class to ensure you get the most out of it.

After Class:

  • If you have used any of the studio's equipment, please be sure to sanitize them before returning them to storage. Do take care of our equipment like your own!

  • No lounge zone: while we are still going through this pandemic, our studio will follow a No Lounge Zone rule and will only allow a 20 minute buffer time for members to say their goodbyes, pack up and leave the studio right after classes.

We understand that this may be a lot to follow at the moment, but we hope that all Nadi Tenang goers can do their part in following these guidelines and SOPs. The responsibility of the fight against Covid-19 starts with us, and these preventive measures will be most effective when we work together to ensure our studio a safe space for everyone to enjoy!